boom needs to reinstall every time I turn my laptop on after installing el capitan

I updated my Macbook Pro to el capitan about a week ago.  Ever since I updated, boom audio component uninstalls itself every time I turn my computer off.  Whenever I turn the computer back on the boom helper shows up prompting me to either boost a file or know more, where I then have to redownload the software.  Once I redownload it, the application works perfectly.  This happens every time I start my computer since installing el capitan.  Was wondering what I could do to stop the software from uninstalling itself. Thanks!


  • edited November 2015

    This issue is after the latest OS X update El Capitan. We have released an update for website version of Boom 1x, please update your copy of Boom 1x to the latest version within the app itself. The Mac App Store version has also been released. Currently, MAS Boom 1x users aren’t able to update to the latest version. This is due to a temporary issue with the Mac App Store version of the app and we are resolving it very soon. Rest assured that we will be adding it back and you will be able to update Boom 1.x. Do bear with us in the meantime and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.  And this update will be the final update to Boom 1x app and will be supported until mid 2016.

    If you are on OS X Yosemite and later, I suggest you to check out our new app Boom 2 ( 

    Also, for current Boom 1x users we have enabled a 50% discount upgrade to Boom 2 via our store.Please forward your Boom 1.x sales purchase receipt from the iTunes Store/Apple to and our team will get back to you with instructions on redeeming your discounted copy of Boom 2.

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