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BOOM 2 over USB audio or headphone socket. Any BOOM volume level or any EQ settings causes huge distortion.

rMBP mid-2014, i7, 16GB RAM
MIDI sampling is set to 14400 for the BOOM 2 device.


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    We have certain questions about the issue and we need you to help us in this. Could you please mail us your answer for below questions to our Support Team ( ? 

    1. Does the sound distort the moment you launch Boom 2 or after few minutes/seconds after the launch?

    2. The issue is with the Mac internal speakers or any other connected headset/speakers. If its with connected speakers/headset, then please send us the details of it.

    3. Please send us a screenshot of Boom 2 window when the sound distorts.

    4. Also, check whether the issue is with the Boom 2 Volume Booster or the Equaliser or the effects. When the issue occurs off either of the three and check whether sound distorts.

    5. If the issue is with the Equaliser or the Effects, then please let us know the name of particular preset and effect that you have selected.

    6. Please let us know the type of music you play when the issue occurs.

    7. Lastly, please send us a screenshot of the audio MIDI setup app for Boom2Device and also for USB headset. (similar to the attached screenshot)

  • Similar problem for me. I'm frequently switching between laptop speakers, external speakers via the headphone jack, headphones, and the speakers on a Apple Cinema Display. I get distortion (particularly with the Cinema Display) at any level of Boom Volume. If Boom Volume is turned off, it appears to solve the issue.

    Screenshot of settings while experiencing the issue:

    Screenshot of sound preferences settings while experiencing the issue (any volume):

    Audio: Spotify desktop app (any music).
  • hey guys, I have the same issue! Just bought boom2 for the global eq with my external speakers, and the sound is mostly distorted via the EQ...

    I don't use BOOM 2 volume switch as this would instantaneously distort the sound REALLY bad, so if I just use the EQ the sound is only slightly distorted but still too much of a nuisance. 

    It affects all EQ Presets, I don't use BOOM 2 volume or the ambience presets. The issue only appears using my external speakers that are connected via an USB audio interface (Focus Rite Scarlett 2i4 via through XLR cables).

    Boom2 works just fine using the internal speakers of the mac tho. Hope this issue gets solved as Boom2 is not of much use for me now. 

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    We have released an update for website version of Boom 2 fixing the distortion issue. Please update your copy of Boom 2 to the latest version within the app itself. Also, you can download a trial copy of Boom 2 via our website next, register the same with the registration code provided to you on purchase.

    The Mac App Store version has also been released, please open your Mac App Store and check in updates column. 
  • hey karthik, thanks for the answer. unfortunately the problem hasn't been solved for me.
    I have the newest version of Boom2, even installed the trial again just to make sure and the sound is still all fuzzy if I use Boom2. Do you have any other suggestions?

  • Hello, I've exactly the same problem.
    Adjusting the sample rate did not fix it either, I'm pretty frustrated.
    Any updates on this?
  • Hey,

    We are sorry, you are experiencing distortion when music is being played on BluetoothUSB Speakers/headphones using Boom 2.  Try this workaround to see if it resolves the problem, our technical team in the meantime is working on a fix which we plan to include in an upcoming release.  Let us know if the steps below help in the meantime:

    1) Open Boom 2 app.

    2) Select the first option in which you can control the Boom volume and equaliser.

    3) Drag the equaliser points of Bass and Treble below the median, save the Preset and click play.

  • Same problem with mid 2010 15" MBP and latest Boom version using laptop speakers only.  I just posted a full report but do not see it so I apologize if this is a duplicate.
  • Dear Karthik,

    Thank you very much for your questions. Working on the answers, I have run into the solution. As the result, the Boom 3 GlobalDelight has sent me several days ago to test, begin to work flawlessly.

    Alexander Nayberg
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