How to share with GoogleDrive

When I try to share my photo with my Google Drive account, it opens a popup menu with about 2000 names (probably file and folder names mixed in one set, many names are repeating). I do not believe anybody with more than 100 files in the Google Drive can really use this feature. Or am I doing anything wrong?


  • Hi Carnecro,

    Regarding your query, only the folders in Google Drive will be listed in the popup menu and not the files. Also, we rechecked on our end, files/folder does not look to be repeating. Could you please send us few screenshot of the popup menu in Voila and the same folder/file screenshot within Google Drive?
    Also, please send us your system info and OS details.
    You can send us the screenshots here or you can get in touch with our Support Team ( for further help.

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