Distortion when using USB DAC


I have used Boom 2 for a while now through my Macbook speakers, no problem.

My Schiit Modi 2 DAC (specs here) has arrived today, and when I attempt to play music through it (via USB with RCA outs to my headphone amp) with Boom 2 turned on, intense levels of distortion occur. Even with Boom's volume set to 0, and even when the EQ is turned off (not the entire Boom program) the distortion still occurs.

It seems that a lot of others who try to play audio through USB with Boom are having the same issue.

Anyone else?

What is the fix, and is there a link to it somewhere?

I am using a late 2013 15-inch Retina Macbook Pro with Schiit's Modi 2.
The problem is not the headphone amp, it works fine with all my other equipment.



  • I have an Audio Technica USB adapter for headphones and mic. Boom 1 distorted so much I couldn't use it.  I got Boom 2 and it's just as bad. Boom is obviously not compatible with USB audio. Without Boom the audio is ok in headphones using the Audio Technica.
  • I have an Audio Technica USB Audio Adapter for headphones and mic. Boom 1 distorted, and Boom 2 is just as bad. Without Boom audio in headphones is normal and I can turn volume as high as I want. With Boom, system vol and Boom vol have to be at minimum and it is still somewhat distorted. Sounds like clipping to me.
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    We have released an update for website version of Boom 2 fixing the distortion issue. Please update your copy of Boom 2 to the latest version within the app itself. Also, you can download a trial copy of Boom 2 via our website www.globaldelight.com/boom next, register the same with the registration code provided to you on purchase.

    The Mac App Store version has also been released, please open your Mac App Store and check in updates column. 
  • I have upgraded to v1.4 and it's still very distorted for me and unusable with USB Audio output. 
  • Hey,

    I'm currently on Boom 2 v1.4.1 and I still get horrible distortion if the booster volume is above 10% when using my Steel Series Elite Prism with the USB Sound Card. No issues at all when I'm using the 3.5mm jack.
  • I have always had distortion issues with BOOM but I figured out why. 
    It was on my side. I use external speakers, so if I I want to listen to music or audio loudly with BOOM 2 I need to: 

    1.Turn down my MAC speakers with the MAC controls to to almost zero level, (not to zero because it shuts off the speakers)
    2. Turn up my External Speakers to at least 75% to %99 percent. Base and Treble doesnt matter as it can be adjusted later during playback.
    3. Begin to play audio and turn up the volume from the MAC controls. 

    Basically, I calibrate my MAC with my External Speakers with Boom 2 and it works like a charm. Once the system is calibrated I can adjust the volume through my MAC, Ext. Speakers, or Boom Remote Control.
  • Still highly distorted for me when using v.1.4, the latest version using the app's Check for Update button. 
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    Hey pxlr8,

    Could you please let us know which system are you using and OS X installed on it? Also, let us know if you are using any external speakers/headset.

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    I am also having this problem. I'm using a MacBook Pro Retina 13" on El Capitan. The DAC/AMP I'm using is the Schiit Fulla. I'm on the latest version of Boom 2.
  • Hey KarthikNayak,

    I am also having this problem. I'm using a 13" MacBook Pro Retina 2013. When using Boom 2 with a USB DAC/AMP it gets very distorted and I have to disable Boom. The DAC/AMP I'm using is the Schist Fulla. The headphones I use are the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ears. Boom 2 works fine when using the Audio jack on the Mac and the DAC/AMP work fine when Boom isn't running. Any other information you want just ask.
  • Hey,

    Could you please launch audio MIDI Setup app on your Mac and check whether the sample rate for the app is set to 44100Hz? (Refer the attached screenshot) If not please set the rate to 44100 Hz for Boom2Device, Built-in Output and any other connected device and check if it helps.

  • Same issue here - sounds great out the headphone jack, quite distorted over the USB Bose Speakers (even with Boom "level" on main menu bar turned way down)
  • I have just tried with the settings proposed and it still doesn't work. 
  • I have the same issue with the Fiio converter. I'm on a 2010 iMac. I've just paid for the latest version of Boom and the distortion is so bad I have to turn off Boom. The sounds is great coming from the converter to my headphones, however. Yay for Fiio, boo for Boom. :(
  • Hey,

    Apologies for those who have been experiencing distortion when music is being played on bluetooth/usb speakers and headphones via Boom. We’ve come up with a temporary solution while our technical team is fixing it in the future update. 

    For those who are experiencing it, please try this trick. 

    1) Open Boom 2 app.

    2) Select the first option in which you can control the Boom volume and equaliser.

    3) Reduce the bass EQ points.

    4) Drag the equaliser points below the median, save the Preset for particular speaker and click play. 

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