Bad sound quality when connected to my BOSE Soundlink MINI II speaker via Bluetooth

Hi Developers of Boom,

By setting up as shown below,  you connect the bluetooth speaker to Mac via bluetooth, then the sound becomes very noisy and bad. But if you connect the speaker and mac via audio-wire, everything is all right, and the sound quality shows  what it should sound like.

Device:             2014 RMBP 13"
OS:                   10.11.1
Boom2 Setup:   Fidelity + Advanced equalizer mode on "My Macbook Pro"

I can see that this problem does not annoying me only, some of the bluetooth speaker users are already notice and report this problem to you.

Hope you can find the solution and fix it ASAP.

Thanks for your great work in helping  to advance their poor audio-output performance.


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    Hello there,

    Could you please check your Audio MIDI Setup settings under System Preferences and see if the sample rate is set to 44100Hz for Output? If it isn't set to that, please do so. Thanks.
  • It is set up as you said as it was.

    So is there anything else you would suggest to solve this problem?
  • @Haven2258 : From my experience, it seems that Boom 2 is specifically designed to be used with either the built in speakers or the headphone jack. When used with anything else (I have tried Bluetooth headphones and a third party sound card via Thunderbolt), the default gain applied seems to be too high. My solution is to either lower the gain by lowering the whole equalizer preset until no distortion occurs.

    It would be great if there was a global pre-gain that could be configured for each output source.

  • Thanks for your information!
    Now I have just lowered the whole equalizer, it works.

    But I think maybe it is a better way to adjust the equalizer by hand to fit my own bluetooth speaker to the best.

    Thank you again.
  • Try a different Bluetooth receiver for the computer if the headphones sound fine with other devices, or check for an updated driver for the one you have. Also make sure you are testing things with a decent distance, if you are comparing them to the iPad when they are close to it but the computer they are far away, that will make a difference.   
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