Boom 2 disconnected after each standby

Perhaps an issue with Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan…
I have to get connection activated again in Prefs System/sound pannel several times a day.
Unfortunately, I decided to kill the app because of these boring troubles.
Please, find the (good) solution !


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    Have you selected the 'Keep Boom Helper Running' option under settings in Boom 2? This should help resolve your issue. Thanks.
  • Yes, I've done it.

    The choice enabled in "Preferences / Sound / Line Out" is broken at each standby.
    I have to reactivate every time and I also doubt on the overall system stability because it comes (sometimes) to a total freeze which requires to restart the machine.
    I've tried again with no success. I am forced to throw away Boom 2.
    It's a pitty !
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