Bose Companion 5 and Boom 2


I have a 5K iMac (current version) and a Bose Companion 5. When I play certain music, the bass is distorted (mostly rock type music). However, when I play other type of music, i.e. classical - everything seems to be ok. How do I go about calibrating Boom 2 so I don't have the distortion when playing my music?


  • Hi Sherm,

    Could you please let us know which version of Boom 2 are you using and the OS X used?
    We suggest you to set the Boom2Device format to 44100.0 Hz in Audio MIDI Setup and check if it helps.
    If you still have any issues, we suggest you to contact our Support Team ( for further help.
  • Boom 2 version 1.3 and OS X 10.11
  • The Boom2Device format is already at set at 44100.0Hz.
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