I am using Boom 2 with a Macbook Pro. 2.53ghz core 2 duo, 8gb ram, SSD. I use Boom to obviously, boost my volume and add that extra eq.
The latency is when I am playing my guitar into audio programs(Peavey ReValver, Amplitube, BIAS, etc) and out to my speakers. All of the guitar programs listed above, have settings where you can change your audio out.

My signal chain is, Guitar into Apogee Jam(interface), Jam into computers USB, into the program(listed above) out to my desktop speakers from the headphone port(out built into macbook).

When I disable Boom 2 as the primary out in settings(from whatever audio program I am using) to just the normal audio out, the latency is gone. I enable Boom 2 and the latency is back. I have even tried just the built in laptop speakers with Boom, still have latency. No latency at all when boom is disabled.

If there is a solution, I will gladly explore it. Hope all above makes sense.


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    Could you please let us know the app version used by you? Also, do check with different audio source and let us know whether the issue is consistent. If you could provide us with a sequence to regenerate the issue, that would be great.
    At the same time, please keep your Console app open, do check for Boom logs when the issue reappears and send it to our Support Team (

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