Boom 2 Remote Won't Connect Mac

Ever since the latest iOS update for the Boom 2 Remote I am having trouble connecting with my Macbook. Both are up to date to the absolute latest versions available. Connected to the same wifi and everything. Phone just says it can't find any devices and I need to update my Macbook...


  • Same problem here.
    Not connecting to Boom 2 (1.3) on El Capitan.
  • Hi,

    Recently we have released an update for Mac App Store version of Boom 2. Please update your copy of Boom 2 to the latest version.
    Next, please try connecting Boom 2 Remote again and check if it helps.
  • Hi,

    Still have the same problem as mentioned above.  Boom2 is up to date ( did the update ) , installed the remote app again on my iphone6... but still couldn't connect ...

  • I'm having the same problem with my 4s... no connect.  :-(

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