Additional Audio Effects Purchase

It seems that each audio effect must be purchased individually and only through "Boom 2" interface - correct?

I'm not comfortable giving credit card or paypal login info through the "Boom 2" app. Is there any other way to purchase?
And, is there ability to purchase all 3 additional effects in one transaction?


  • Hi Edgibson,

    Yes, audio effects pack or individual effects can be purchased either within the app or at the time of purchase. We assure you that it is safe to purchase in-apps within Boom 2 itself.
  • This is the second time I hear about having to purchase additional effects for Boom 2 from GlobalDelight. Yet, the last updated version (and my own first update for Boom 2), version 1.3 from the Apple Store -- which included 3 new effects (spacial, night mode, and pitch) -- was never announced on the App Store with new effects being optional. Does that mean that upon updating my recent purchase of Boom 2 version 1.2.1 to 1.3 I was also charged for the three new effects? Or are the additional effects being discussed something else? -- I can't seem to find any info about these extra effects for Boom 2 on your website.
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