Boom Remote v1.2 not working with Boom 2 v1.2.1?

I was reading a discussion about the remote app not working (I can't for some reason comment on that discussion). Could the problem with the remote app be because of the recent upgrades? I just upgraded to version 1.2 of the remote app, but the version of Boom 2 I have is 1.2.1 and not 1.3 (because I bought Boom 2 on the Mac App store and the update isn't there yet). Now the remote app no longer works from any of my devices (2 iPads, 1 iPhone)


  • Hi VoidPortal,

    Recently we have released an update for Mac App Store version of Boom 2. Please update your copy of Boom 2 to the latest version.
    Next, please try connecting Boom 2 Remote again and check if it helps.
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