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Four questions:

1. Is it true that if a keystroke shortcut is changed in prefs that it is not saved for the next Voila launch? If so, why not?
I would think that a default should be a default only until the user changes it, and then it should remain as changed ... forever.

2. Is it true that a keystroke shortcut must include the two modifier keys Command and Shift. Why is that?
For example, I wanted to change the keystroke shortcut to capture a menu to simply be the End key. Is there some technical reason why that shouldn't be an option?

3. The help screen only indicates that the first two keyboard shortcuts can be changed, but it appears that all of them can be changed in prefs. Is this just a case of an obsolete help screen?

4. When I tried to change a keyboard shortcut to Command-Shift-1, I got an error message saying that shortcut was in use. What is the keystroke Command-Shift-1 used for?


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    Hello RayB

    Thanks for posting your queries. We have answered your queries.

    1. All the shortcuts set by you in the Preferences would be saved till you change it the next time.

    2. Presently, the first two modifier keys are limited to Command and Shift while you can choose the 3rd character of your choice. We welcome your suggestion of assigning any user selected shortcut key in a future release.

    3. The Help file is up-to-date. The Preference screenshot (with no shortcuts assigned for different capture types) that you are seeing in the Help file is a classic situation where Voila is trying to override the system default capture shortcuts but the access to Assistive device is being disabled. You will notice a notice at the bottom of the same window you are referring to.

    4. Yes, that is a bug. We are working on it and would be fixed in a future release.

    Please feel free to post issues and feature requests as and when you come across.

    Team Voila
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    O.K. Now I know that Command-Shift-1 makes Voila the active app. But it does not display the Viola window. What is the point of making Viola the active app if the window is not displayed?

    It would be nice to add the Command-Shift-1 information in Viola Help>Enable Shortcut Keys. And why not just call that screen Shortcut Keys, since shortcuts are always "enabled"?

    One last idea. I think it would be handy if the Voila Help menu included a link to the Voila support webpage.
  • Hello RayB

    Thanks for the observation. Command-Shift-2 is not assigned to anything. We are working on this to make it little different.

    The Voila Help file has a link to the Voila Support webpage under 'FAQ' section. Users can also download the user manual here

    Team Voila
  • First, let's all spell together: V-O-I-L-A. Repeat: V-O-I-L-A. Repeat as necessary till correct!

    Sorry, had to get that out of my system. It's rampant throughout the forum.

    Regarding the shortcut keys, I would like for them to show in the Capture menu and/or in the Menu Bar. I can't seem to remember what the shortcuts are, so I keep going to the menu for capturing, and that is one step less than activating Voila and going to Preferences to see the shortcuts. If I could see the shortcuts every time I went to the Capture menu or to Voila in the Menu Bar, I would eventually remember them. But, I don't want to have to go all the way into preferences each time to refresh my memory.
  • Hello Robin

    Thanks for the feedback. Voila has an option wherein you can override the default system capture shortcuts Command-Shift-3 and Command-Shift-4, or you can set your favorite shortcut keys in the Preferences. Nevertheless, we would consider your suggestion.

    Team Voila
  • All of the shortcut keys do not work for me. I'm on a PowerMac G5 with Leopard 10.5.8. The full screen snapshot works, but none of my other shortcut keys work no matter what I change them to. When I try the shortcut key for selection, I just hear a "thunk" sound and nothing happens. Frustrating.
  • Hello RAlfieri

    Can you please check if the assigned shortcut keys are taken up by any other application at the same time? You can check it in the System Preferences - Keyboard Shortcuts. if that did not resolve the issue, please get in touch with Voila support team at voila(at)globaldelight(dot)com
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