Can't add directory paths of folders to SFTP accounts

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Under Voila > Preferences > Sharing, I have successfully created FTP and SFTP accounts and they both authenticate with a green check mark.

However, while the FTP account will allow me to add "Directory paths of folders", the SFTP account will not. In the SFTP account, when I hit the [+] plus icon, I just get an empty three paned window shortly followed by a modal error message saying

> Source file missing
> Some of the files that you are trying to upload are missing from the location.

See screenshot:


  • Hi Zach,

    Regarding your query, could you please let us know whether there are any contents in the SFTP server? Also could you please check whether you have given access to the SFTP server?
    Could you please delete SMTP setup in Voila preference under sharing and recreate once again and check whether you still have the same issue.
    Also please do mention the hosting company.
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