Video screen record -> green screen

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I'm on mac os 10.8.3 with voilà version 3.4.
When I am doing a screen record, the result is a green screen. How can I get the good result ?


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    Hi there,

    Regarding your query, did Voila screen recording work fine earlier?
    Do you use and third party app which hovers/layers your display screen? Could you please quit the same and check whether it helps.
    As for troubleshooting, could you please uninstall/delete Voila and reinstall a fresh copy from the following link and check whether you still get the same issue.

    Please delete all other Voila application from your system before reinstalling a fresh copy.

    To uninstall Voila;

    1. Quit Voila
    2. Go to Application folder via Finder and delete Voila app.

    If you have purchased Voila via Mac App Store, please reinstall Voila from Mac App Store itself. Ensure that you use of the same account which was used on purchase.
    For further help please contact our Support Team.
  • I have the same exact problem. I've deleted and reinstalled with no luck. Even the download provided in this post didn't help. Any ideas?
  • Hey there,

    Regarding your query, could you please set gfxCardStatus and setting the GPU to 'integrated' while trying to record the screen-cast and check it it helps.

    Please refer screenshot below.
  • how do you start gfxCardStatus, I don't have that program.
    Also, reinstalled fresh from Mac App Store after uninstall. Still get green screen.
    Help please.
  • Hey Eric,

    Regarding your query, gfxCardStatus lets you manually change which gpu u want to use.
    Could you please download gfxCardStatus from the link and install in your Mac and set GPU to 'integrated' while trying to record the screen-cast and check it it helps.
  • Admin,
    That did work.

    Thank you.
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