Voila screen recording not terminating

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I am finding quite often that voila is not ending and saving a recording when I select Stop and Save Recording. I can still Pause and Resume the recording, but not terminate and stop it. The main Volia app is still responsive and I can look at other videos etc whilst still recording. The only solution appears to be to quit Voila, and then the recording is lost which is annoying. Using Voila 3.4 and Mac OSX 10.8.3
Any suggestions?


  • Hey there,

    Regarding your query, could you please tell us about - how are you trying to stop the screen recording? Is it via the shortcut keys or the menu bar option?
    Have you quit and relaunched Voila and checked for the same? Is the issue consistent?

    As for troubleshooting, could you please uninstall/delete Voila and reinstall a fresh copy.
    Could you please download Voila from the following link and check whether you still get the same issue?


    Please delete all other Voila application from your system before reinstall a fresh copy.
    To uninstall Voila :

    1. Quit Voila
    2. Go to Application folder via Finder and delete Voila app.

    If you have purchased Voila via Mac App Store, please reinstall Voila from Mac App Store itself.
  • Hi
    I'm using the menu bar option. This works for pause and resume, but sometimes won't stop the recording.
    It's late here now, but I'll try a reinstall from the Mac App Store tomorrow
  • Hey,

  • rbn
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    Well I did the reinstall after deleting voila and removing the voila device using it's uninstall script. I reinstalled from MacApp store and all was well for a few days, but it had the same problem last night again. I had been recording with some pauses for about 1hr and it refused to save, either using the icon on the menu bar or the keyboard shortcut, although pause and resume still appeared to work. I had to quit Voila and after about 20 secs the recording stopped too, although if course it was lost which was frustrating. Any other suggestions?

    I found a crash report,which is attached, although I suspect this is from the helper caused when I quit Voila without terminating the recording
  • Hi Rbn,

    Thanks for sending us the crash report.
    Could you please check whether there is enough disk space in the drive where VoilaLibrary is stored (if not, this might be the reason for Voila to not to save the screen recorded file).
    Also could you please delete the Voila library and create a new one. To do so :
    - Quit Voila before you delete the Voila library, if you wish to back up your old Voila library, then please do (make sure to store the same in different drive if the files are in GB ).
    - Voila library contains all the data which you worked in Voila until now. To view the contents, you can do a right click on Voila library and click on "Show Package Contents".
    - Refer screenshot to find Voila library path (To check library path, go to Voila preferences)

    Note : Once you delete any contents in Voila, it will be stored in Voila trash within the app, under Organizer.
  • I think there is plenty of room for the library 724Gb free on the disk!
    Is there a maximum recommended workable size for the library? It is quite large at present. I'll set up a new one, but it is nice to be able to reference all previous videos from voila. I know you can switch libraries, but because that means a voila restart it takes time and is not very convenient to go from one library to another. If this could be made easier it would be nice, I am already used to looking in the library package, and understand it's structure.
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    Hi Rbn,

    Regarding your query, there isn't any maximum recommended workable size for the library. If you wish to have all the previously captured Voila captures in new library then please do a right click on the old Voila library and click on Package contents > Images/Videos select all and drag and drop them into Voila tray.
  • Hey admin, when i start recording, how do i stop?
  • Hi Bukkit_Lolrus,

    Once done with recording. You can stop the recording (either save or cancel) in the menu bar, please refer screenshots below.
    Also you can stop video recording using the hotkey i.e "command+shift+esc".

    To cancel the recording while it is in progress, select ‘Cancel Recording’ from the status menu.
    To Pause the recording when it is in progress, select ‘Pause Recording’ from the status menu.
    To Resume the recording while it is in Pause state, select ‘Resume Recording’ from the status menu.
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