"An unknown error has occurred while recording the video and the file cannot be saved to the disk"

I have read lots of postings on this issue. I am a long time user of Voila and a big fan. I rely on this application heavily to do my job (creating teaching videos for my students). I purchased a pricey Yeti microphone which I used with no problems on earlier versions - got great sound quality and lots of compliments on the video training. Not being able to use it now is really affecting the quality of my work product. I have upgraded to version 3.4 and am still encountering the video. Any information on when this will be fixed? Thanks for a great product, which I really wish I could still use. I don't want to give up on you guys, but...


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    Hey there,

    Regarding your query, the recent update of Voila had the fix to the defect - where users were unable to save the screen recordings.
    Voila supports internal mic, headphones and few other USB Logitech devices to record 'Audio from', there might be few other devices which is still incompatible with Voila.

    Yeti microphone might be one among them. We will note this down and notify our developers about the same. Thank you for your co-operation.
    Meantime, you can try selecting internal mic or any other sound input device.
  • At this point Voila has become useless to me since I bought it to do video of screens and regardless of what I try I get an error. Updated to 3.4, so that doesn't fix the issue. Error dialog attached.
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    Hi Loboblanco13,

    Regarding your query, we have noticed the issue and it might take sometime for us to push an update. We greatly appreciate your patience.
    Meantime, could you please provide us with more details about the input device used to record the 'Audio from' via Voila.
    Note : You can try selecting internal mic or any other sound input device and check whether it helps (under 'Audio from' via Voila).
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