New Update to 3.4 difference to Audio is like night and day, and great

I have had this program for the last couple of years, and at one point (could have been an MacOs update, made
recording a nightmare. I tried fooling around with Soundflower and settings, and finally gave up using this program. I had put on the latest Soundflower. I ended up using my dependable Snapz Pro. Well just downloaded the new update, and the Audio zip, and tried out a simple capture using computer Audio. Just this simple action now works really well. I haven't delved into any further improvements that this update helps, and perhaps there are areas in this software ie Exports, quality of them etc that are still not up to par, so I will have to discover that soon. Congratulations on this update. I bet you
were losing many users until now. I had to pay for an update before, and got was quite mad when the Audio problems plagued my recordings. Definitely happy,, for now.


  • Hi Roosterstoker,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Also consider your suggestions noted.
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