Upgrade From 3.3 > 3.4?

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How do I upgrade to the 3.4 or do I need to?
I'm running 10.7.5


  • Hey there,

    Regarding your query, you can update Voila within the app itself (please refer screenshot below)
    We suggest our users to update their copy of Voila to the latest version as we include few newly added features or any other kind of defect fixes.
    Also you can download the free demo from our website www.globaldelight.com/voila and install it. Make sure to replace the current copy of Voila.

    New Features Supported :

    1. Pause option while doing Screen Recording
    2. Voila Menu Bar Helper which lets you take screenshots and use keyboard shortcuts even when Voila isn’t running.
    3. Tag Auto Completion: This helps to find better matches of tags by providing a drop down list that is already added earlier on other image/video
    4. Voila Device Integration to record computer audio while doing screen recording
    5. Post Box mailing client integration

    Note : If you have purchased Voila via Mac App Store, then please make sure to update Voila via Mac App Store itself.
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