Voila not releasing Cmd+Shift+P

I just noticed that even after changing the hotkey for "Snap Active Browser URL" from Cmd+Shift+P to Cmd+Shift+B, the old shortcut still isn't passed to running apps (in this case, Sublime Text) while the Voila helper is running.


  • Hi there,

    Regarding your query, could you please elaborate your query?
    Could you please open Voila preference and go to -> Hot Keys -> and assign different set of key word combination for Snap Active Browser URL and check whether it helps. Please make sure that you check "Override system defaults" in order to not to loose the custom shortcut keys.

    To assign HotKey, double click on the keys and enter the desired HotKey (please refer screenshot below). After assigning the key, you do not have to hit enter to keep the changes, select any other HotKeys and the changes will be done.
  • Sorry, my mistake: I didn't scroll down far enough to get to "Pause Current Video Recording," which was still assigned to Cmd+Shift+P. Once I changed it, Sublime and Voila started playing nicely together. Thanks so much for your help!
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