sound output as always!

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Congrats on the new Pause/continue record capability. Anxious to download the update.
However, when transferring a recording, made on a mac, I've pulled out of Viola and placed in Dropbox, then moving onto a PC, there is, of course, no audio! Why? I suppose it's that darn Soundflower, which I despise.

Does your new audio addition eliminate Soundflower and HOW, please, HOW to I get all parts uninstalled from my mac computer.


  • I was asked to download a new addition when I upgraded the version. and install this. Maybe you missed this? Asked first time I tried to record with system sound.
  • This recording was previous to update. I haven't downloaded update yet.
  • I just downloaded the update and was not asked to install VoilaDevice....nothing was said about it at all. Can someone from admin please answer my initial question? What will recording not play on pc?

    Secondly what is this Voila Device?
  • Hey Farabee,

    Regarding your query, have you placed Voila app in the Dropbox or just the video file?
    We checked by exporting a video file recorded via Voila screen recording and tranferred into a PC and the audio sounds fine. Could you please provide us a sequence tried by you? We would like to regenerate it on our end and check for the same.
    Also could you playback the video file via Voila and check whether you are able to hear the sound?
    Earlier version of Voila i.e v3.3 and before used to use the third party app Sound flower to record computer audio. In the latest update of Voila, we have integrated VoilaDevice, in order to record computer audio.
    Could you please uninstall sound flower using uninstall script provided in the sound flower application (refer screen shot), also restart the system after uninstall of sound flower.

    VoilaDevice : This is a separate audio recording component that needs to be downloaded and installed on your system. It is a new component that we have built to improve Voila’s audio recording capabilities from the system. When you start a new video recording, you will be prompted to download and install this Voila audio component. Once installed, ‘VoilaDevice’ would get listed under the Sound Output devices in System Preferences. This is a one-time action and you can un-install this audio component from the Voila Preferences –> Video Recording tab.
    For more info on the latest update, please refer this blog
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