Can you pause recording?

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I'm new to Voila. I cannot find an option to pause a screen recording. Also, what's the best way to edit and stitch a series of recordings as a single one?



  • Hey Mark,

    Regarding your query, Voila v3.3 does not include the pause option while screen recording. A new update for Voila is on its way and we have included the pause feature in the same. It is a free update.
    Sorry to say but Voila is limited to image editing only, and not for video editing.
    If video capture is selected, then the features like tools, text cannot be activated. While creating Voila, our main aim was to make it the best "screen capture" tool with all the editing feature. As a request we included the video recording feature. We cannot promise you anything but we will try to make video capturing features still more better.
    Captured video cannot be edited. Captured video can only be trimmed with the help of QuickTime.
    Also you cannot stitch a series of recording as a single one.
    But there is an iPhone app which might come in handy for you to edit and stitch videos. It is a free iPhone app. GameYourVideo
  • That is great news about the pause option. I await the update eagerly
  • Thanks so much for introducing this. Just downloaded new version and the pause facility works flawlessly. Very seamless joins and a great addition. Thank you. if you could add remembering last set area for recording that would be great.
  • Hey,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Consider your valuable suggestions noted.
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