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In Preferences I have "Copy last capture to Clipboard" set. When pasting, instead of the captured image being pasted the full filename of the image is pasted instead, for example:

Is Voila capable of pasting the captured image?

Version 3.3



  • Hi Stewart,

    Regarding your query, are you trying to paste the captured image to MS Outlook? If you capture a screenshot using a Mac default capture ( command + shift + 3 ) and try to copy and paste it in Outlook, you will get the same results.
    The workaround is to drag the image from Voila into Outlook.

    If you still have any issues, please contact our Support Team.
  • Is this issue resolved? I was trying to use this and the comment that the Default capture tool does the same thing is not right. It pastes the picture in.

    I want to automatically copy to clipboard and paste the image into an email in Outlook 2011.
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    Hi Etexter,

    We have noted down the issue and it might take sometime for us to push an update for the same, Your patience is appreciated.
    Regarding your query, we checked with the Mac's default capture tool and it still does not paste the picture. the behavior is same as Voila.
    As an alternate, you can add third party Applications to export images via Voila to view only the captured file.
    For example, you can add 'Outlook'. And then go to 'Share' option in the menu bar and click on 'Send to' (also you can do a right click on the thumb nail icon in Voila tray for the same).

    To add the Application, please refer screenshot below :
  • Any updates on this? I have another app called "Share Bucket" that does this well from the clipboard. Can you please see if you can get it working? Was hoping this was an upgrade to my workflow :) (Perhaps add a highlighter while at it).

  • Hey,

    Consider your suggestions noted. But, we cannot promise you anything yet.
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