No Sound and Stops Recording

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I downloaded the trial of Voila because I was attending some webinars that were long and I wanted to record them to review later. Prior to the webinars, I tested Voila by recording a video playing on the screen. I told Voila to record the computer audio. The test videos were only a few minutes long, but they worked perfectly.

I then tried to record the webinars. The first one was 5 hours long. I started recording the fullscreen as the webinar began, told it to record computer audio, and it started recording with no issue. The red dot indicating that it was recording was present in the tool bar for the length of the webinar. 5 hours later I told it to stop recording and save.

I ended up with 23.5 minute video with no sound.

Needless to say, I'm rather miffed about this. I sent an email to support and have not received any response yet.

Tonight, there was another webinar, this one only 1.75 hours. Again, I started the recording and once the webinar stopped, I told it to stop and save....

I ended up with a 19 minute video with no sound.

I do not understand why this is happening and cannot figure anything out. I have two ideas though I don't see why they should interfere.

The first being, I forgot to disable my screen saver, so during both recordings the screen saver came on. I immediately moved the mouse and the red indicator dot was still present both times.

My second is that the webinars were using the GoToWebinar program and somehow this interferes with something?

Any ideas on why this is happening are welcome because other than this I like the look of voila, but I'm certainly not going to buy it if it can't record properly.

- Joolissa


  • Hi Joolisa,

    Regarding your query, we have been having issues with webinar captures (GoToMeeting), we are not sure why we are unable to record their audio.
    We shall write to them and see if we can get a suitable solution. We shall keep you posted regarding the same.

    Also we would like to inform that we have never come across a situation where, if Voila records a session for 5 hours and only few gets recorded. Could you please do a screen recording apart from webinars and check whether you still get the same issue?
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