Voila not recording audio

I've seen a couple of others here who have had trouble with audio, but none of the solutions suggested seem to be working. I used to be able to record audio, but it no longer works. I've checked the volume controls in Soundflower, reinstalled Soundflower, tried every combination of settings in Voila...I just doesn't work. It works on my Macbook, but not my iMac, even when using the same settings. When I begin a recording, the audio on the iMac turns off until I stop the recording, at which point it starts back up again. I'm kind of at a dead end here...any suggestions? Thank you!


  • Hi Nevada,

    Regarding your query, as you mentioned that the audio on the iMac turns off when a recording is started, could you please open System Sound Preference and check whether Sound flower (2ch) is selected under output when the recording starts? By default it should. If yes, please move the volume slider of Sound flower and check whether it helps.

    Still if you have any issues, please contact our Support Team
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