Organizer not recognising new image files

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I stored the database within Dropbox.
But when I create new captures with my MacBook, it doesn't show up in iMac's Voila.

I checked the file contents of the database in Dropbox. The files are there.

So the captures are saved and synced, but Voila's organizer doesn't recognise it.

Is there anyway to refresh it?


  • Hi there,

    Regarding your query, each system has different user path, hence it is not possible to provide the same path for Voila library which are in two different systems. Either you can keep one Voila library in drop box and keep syncing the images to another, i.e you can keep Voila library of one Voila app in the Dropbox then can sync from one to another. If you keep both Voila library together then the data base may get corrupted.

    Voila library contains all the data which you worked in Voila until now. To view the contents, you can do a right click on Voila library and click on "package contents", here you can copy all the images or videos captured from Voila and make a back up folder and then paste whichever you like to and then sync that folder to your another system. Once you got a copy in other system then open the folder and you can do a drag & drop process in your another Voila app.

    To check library path, go to Voila preferences (please refer screenshot below) :

    Note : Currently it is not possible to assign one Voila library for Voila app in two different system.
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