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It would be highly advantageous to not have the URL for the SFTP captures be the designated web prefix in the preferences box + the full local path to the file. Further illustration…

SFTP is setup to be "sftp.example.com" with user "alice" and remote directory navigated to "/home/alice/sc" and the name prefixes for captures is set to "vc".

The "Web Address" is set to "http://example.com/cap/" which is mapped via the web server config to the above "sc" directory.

The URL copied to the clipboard is "http://example.com/cap/home/alice/sc/vc_1.png", which is – in effect – almost entirely useless.

Adding some type of URL formatting variable options would make this feature much more usable.


  • Hi Hrbrmstr,

    Regarding your query, we have noticed the issue and our developers will be notified about the same. Thank you for reporting the issue.

  • Having the exact same problem. The little file browser makes assumptions about the server path that it shouldn't. This is a serious issue that cripples the FTP and SFTP sharing feature. I was so excited about Voila until I ran across this deal breaker of an issue.

    My hopes were further dashed when I found the issue was reported back in December but still persists.

    - -

    I love the idea of allowing an account to specify multiple destination directories, however each directory should be able to specify its own "Path" and corresponding "Base URL" — and these should be simple text fields, no need for the browser.

    For example, let's say I add an FTP account for server: "assets.example.com"

    I could add one destination labelled "SRC" with the following values:

    Path: "subdomains/assets/httpdocs/src"
    Base URL: "http://assets.example.com/src"

    If I share a file named "Voila-20130410-025406.png" using the "SRC" destination, the corresponding URL copied to the clipboard would be:


    But I could also set up an Amazon CloudFront instance that uses assets.example.com as its origin. Then I could create a second destination under the same server, but labelled "SRC-CDN" and specify these modified values:

    Path: "subdomains/assets/httpdocs/src"
    Base URL: http://d2y5148zydrfxs.cloudfront.net/src

    Then I could share the same exact file via the "SRC-CDN" destination which would copy the following URL to the clipboard.


    Best Regards,
  • Hi Zach,

    Regarding your query, we are working on the issue and it might take sometime for us to push an update for the same.
  • I believe I am following @zach around now. I was going to create a new issue but there is no need. I am experiencing the same issue.
  • To re-iterate, for your developers and the way it is designed now, the generated URL for an image should simply be the Web Address + image file name, separated with slash if the web address does not include a trailing slash.
  • One work around is to do all of the annotation and changes, etc., in Voila (very nice by the way), select the image in the toolbar, copy it making a complete copy of the image in the clipboard including annotations, and then… paste it into Skitch for posting.

    I may make a simple Alfred App workflow to strip the offending directory path out of the copied URL but since I can post to my 1and1 host via skitch (a different issue) I'll stick with that for now.
  • Hi Michaelangela,

    Regarding your query, that seems like a pretty good workaround.
    In Voila, could you please click on '+' under 'Directory paths of folder' and do not select anything under the drop down window and select "Add" as shown in the screenshot below and check if it helps.
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