Recording Skype call, computer sounds, and my own voice

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I'm trying to do a lets play with my friend. We are having a conversation over Skype while I record that I want to be part of the finished video. After a test recording I realized it was only recording his voice and the sounds form the game, but not mine, which was being captured through an external mic. I messed with my computer's settings enough that now I can only hear him talking on the Skype call during the recording. Any clue how I can record Skype and my own voice at the same time?


  • Hi Xapapy,

    Regarding your query, to record your voice, which is being capture through an internal mic, please make sure to select the same under 'Audio from' ( from the window that appears just before recording ).

    Regarding Skype issue, please make sure that 'Soundflower(2ch)' is selected under speakers in Skype preference ( please refer screenshot below ).
    It worked for us.

    Still if you have any issues, then please contact our Support Team
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