Higher recording quality settings in the works?

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Hi, thanks for making Voila fully functional on the retina MBP. However, I am disappointed in the available recording quality. I want to record screen selections at higher quality, and to that end I'd like to see better quality options in the Record preferences, including any of the following:

* more than 25 frames per second
* more than one pixel per point (ideally two, to achieve full retina detail in video)
* a higher video data rate (to reduce compression artifacts)

Can you say anything about your plans in this regard?



  • Hi Rafe,

    Regarding your query, good suggestions. Consider them noted.

    We do believe that Voila needs a lot of change to be appropriate for the new era of Mac apps. We are planning to revamp Voila soon.

    If you have any suggestion or feature request for Voila then please do let us know.
    Also if you agree we would like to add you to the beta testers list, we see that you are interested in Voila a lot. We will appreciate your help.
  • Yes please!
  • That's great!
    Welcome aboard!
    We will be passing you with the Voila beta build whenever there is one.
  • Hi, it's been a few months, any word on this? Thanks.
  • Hi Rafe,

    Regarding your query, currently we have implemented few video related features for Voila i.e the 'Pause' feature, 'VoilaDevice' to record computer audio and few other minor improvements. Gradually we will look into the screen recording part of it. It might take sometime for us to push an update for the same. Your patience is appreciated.
  • Yeah no problem, thanks for the update.
  • Thank you.
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