Voila crashes MBP Retina

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I just purchased Voila via the App Store and while the description says "Fixed capture issues on your MBP with Retina display :)" I can't seem to use the app without it freezing my MBP, hard freeze requiring a restart. I'm trying to capture a whole web page and the app freezes both when I try to capture the page from within Voila as well aswhen using "snap active browser URL" Are there any workarounds?


  • Hardware:
    MBP Retina 15"
    OS 10.8.2
    Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
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    I too have an MBP Retina 15" using Voila v3.3 and I can produce a crash every time with the following sequence:
    1. Capture anything
    2. Select the captured item above in the main screen, Resize it to anything
    3. Immediately select any other image in the lower "icon" view section ... Crash!

    Have to reopen every time and I do this workflow often...very annoying, Please fix, thanks!! :-)

    Tried to attach crash report, but was too long. Let me know who I can send it to and I'll make it happen. Thank you.
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    We tried with the sequence (under MBP Retina, OS 10.8.2) and it works fine for us. Could you please mention the browser used? Also could you please send us the link of the webpage that you are trying to capture?

    In the meantime you can try "Open current URL in Voila" and try capturing the same.
  • @Hairball,

    You can send the crash report to our Support Team. Copy paste the entire crash report to mail itself. We will look into this.
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