Sound Settings in System Preferences

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Would you please advise me of your recommended Sound Settings in System Preferences for both input and output.

I have tried almost every conceivable combination with unsatisfactory results ( too low volume or distortion)

Thank you


  • Hi Dunhamswift,

    Regarding your query, as you have posted under Voila discussions, we believe you are mentioning about capturing screen recording via Voila with audio/video simultaneously.

    Voila records the computer audio from Sound flower (2ch), you can only record computer audio via Sound flower (2ch). When a screen-recording starts, Voila "automatically" switches to Sound flower (2ch) (if "Record Computer Audio" is enabled/checked).
    Audio output will be switched to Sound flower (2ch) when recording in Voila.
    Audio input can be selected by the drop down window that appears just before the recording. Make sure that you select internal microphone or any preferred device which is active.
    Make sure that you enable "Record Computer Audio" to record the computer sound. You can do it in the window that appears just before the recording?

    There may be some bug in the Sound flower volume slider, please move the volume slider of Sound flower a numerous time and then check whether you get same issue. Make sure that you test Sound flower through Voila itself.
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