Can't Capture Menu or Objects

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I'm trying to capture a menu by itself, but Voila captures the entire screen. I have followed the instructions in the Help Center and I'm still having the same problem. Also, when I try to capture an object, Voila highlights the entire screen and captures nothing.

I am running Mac OS 10.8.2 and Voila v3.3. Any thoughts?


  • Hey,

    Regarding your query, to capture a menu, please follow the below steps

    1. Make sure that Voila is launched.
    2. Select a drop down from the menu bar,
    3. Press 'Shift + Cmd + M' -> marching ants will appear around the selected menu
    4. Hit 'Return' and the desired menu drop down will be captured.

    Regarding Object capture, do you use any app which adds a layer on the screen?
    Such as Isolator, shades?

    Isolator is an app which Dims the rest of the screen while using an application. Apparently it does so by adding another layer between the from application and the rest. It was this layer which was being selected, so it was not possible to select any other object or window. Once Isolator is stopped(quit or turned off) voila could find the objects. Same applies for Shades, once the app is quit, you can perform Object capture without any issues.

    To perform an Object capture:
    Click the ‘Object’ icon in the Voila toolbar. You can also select the ‘Capture Object’ option from the Capture menu or the status menu.
    Click on the required object to select it. You can undo the selection by pressing Cmd + Z on the keyboard or clicking the Close button displayed at the top-left corner of the selected object on mouse hover.
    Hit the Return key on the keyboard or click the Capture button displayed on mouse hover over the selected object or double-click on the selected object.
    The Voila window is put up (if set so in Preferences > Capture) with the captured image in the Workbench.
    Voila cannot capture 'floating palettes'.
  • Thank you! You solved my problem. I was running xScope which adds a layer to the screen. Voila is now working as expected.
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