Pasting from clipboard to Mac MSWord 2011

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when i tried to paste a screen grab from clipboard to MSword 2011 for mac, i got an error: "there is not enough memory or disk space to complete the operation". it isn't really a memory disk space problem. I deleted and re-installed word as per MS's suggested solution with not joy. but a delete and reinstall of Voila did solve it.


  • Hey Andybenbow,

    We tried with the sequence provided by you and it works fine without any issue.
    It would be helpful if you could provide us with your system info and OS details.
    Also was this a one time issue or is the issue regenerative?
    Still if you have any issues, please contact our Support Team.
  • my system is a iMac 27", 2.8ghz intel core i7, 8gb memory, OS X 10.8.2

    the issue has not recurred after reinstall


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