Is it possible to combine 2 or more captures?

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I have 2 captures for a similar purpose, and wish to overlay them together in one for clarity.

Is it possible to do this right in Viola instead of using an external image editor?



  • Hey Resting,

    Regarding your query, correct me if I am wrong - did you mean to say, stitch multiple captures? Currently Voila does not hold such feature. But, if you would like to create an interface mockup of the images, what you can do is - "Pin" the base image and then add the images to the base image.

    The top image can be dragged to the base image. You can re-size it manually by dragging the edges of the image.

    Base image = Captured image
    Top image = Added image

    Note : Once you pin the base image, you can drag and drop the images into base images.
  • That is correct.
    Yeah, I think pinning the image will work for me.
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