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Is it possible to get rid of the dock icon and only have a menu item? In the preferences I can only find an option for the other way around.




  • Hey Maarten,

    Regarding your query, in Voila Preference the only two options are 'Dock & Menu bar' and only 'Dock' icon.
    But yes, it is possible to have menu bar icon only. As Mac App Store is also one of the channels for Voila, we have to follow the terms and keep the same feature everywhere.
    We are looking into this option and we'll update this thread when we have added that feature.
  • Thanks Admin. Would be a very nice to have feature. Thanks.
  • +1 … please let us know when you have it. I love Voila!
  • Hey there,

    Regarding your query, we have an option to keep Voila helper running in menu bar when you quit Voila. We have included the feature in the latest version of Voila. By checking the option, you can keep Voila active from your menu bar and quit the dock icon. Please refer screenshot below.
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