Voila crashes when exporting to QT

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with ML 10.8.2 and Voilà 3.3 - Voilà crashes each time either I want to export or trim a screencast to Quicktime.
There was a workaround with sending the screencast via Outlook an then I found the file in the Email which wasn't sent yet.
This attachment could be saved to my desktop where I could alter it in Quicktime.
Any suggestions why Voilà crashes?

regards, fricus


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    Hey Fricus,

    Regarding your query, could you please tell us from where are you trying to export/trim the files? Also could you please tell us the size and format of the file? Are these files recorded via Voila?

    As an alternate you can try to export/trim via Voila menu bar option or by doing a right click on the file. Please refer screenshots below.
    Please do send the complete crash report to our Support Team, they will get in touch with you.

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