Other browsers support?

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Will Voila work with other browsers, such as Firefox? Shouldn't that be in the FAQ somewhere...


  • Hi forrie

    Presently webpage capture works with Safari and Voila built-in browser. We have plans for extending support for Firefox as well. However, the 3 options within the web capture drop-down are

    - Snap from Voila browser - straight forward
    - Snap current Safari URL - straight forward
    - Open current URL in Voila - If Safari is not launched, this option will be disabled all the time. We thought it conveys the message. Anyways, we can update the FAQ section :)

    Feel free to share your comments and feedback.

    Team Voila
  • Hello forrie

    We have updated the FAQ section as you suggested. But it's going to be there for a short time ;)

    Team Voila
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