Am I missing the Highlighting feature?

I can't believe there is no highlighting ability or am I missing this. I use voila on a mac.
If there isn't this feature is it planned for in the future?

Thanks in advance for any help.


  • Hey Xposedbydesign,

    Regarding your query, did you mean to say 'Spotlight' feature, which is under 'Effects' in Voila.
  • I would like to be able to highlight text so it stands out and is easier to read in a long paragraph.
  • Hey Xposedbydesign,

    That is a good suggestion.
    Is it possible to provide a similar example of the feature request?
    You can get in touch with our Support Team with the details.
    Thank you for your valuable suggestion.
  • Here is an example, I hope this helps you.
  • Thank you for the screenshot. We will look into this.
  • You can sort of get away with this using the tools tab / Shape / Square (or whatever shape you want) Highlight the area, then adjust opacity in the colors setting and kill the outline stroke. I realize this is a pain for a lot of text - but its a workaround until they figure this out.
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