Boom 2 license/Mac store

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Hey Boom 2 support team!

I have a license key for Boom 2, but I would really prefer if I could download the app from the Mac app store. Is there a way of transferring that purchase?



  • Hi Garyz,

    Please note, there is no mechanism for a Boom 2 Website user to migrate his/her license to Mac App Store version. If you wish to switch from Website version to Mac App Store version, you will be buying a new copy of Boom 2 on the Mac App Store.
  • Is there a feature difference or upgrade path difference between buying from your site vs. the App Store, since the Mac App Store apps are sandboxed?
  • Hi Michaelgore,

    There is no feature difference between Mac App Store version of Boom 2 and website version. In Mac App Store version of Boom 2, you need to download an audio component to make use of the system wide volume booster and equalizer feature.
    Yes, the upgrade paths are different, website versions have the benefit of receiving the update at the earliest as Mac App Store version has to go through the review process by Apple.
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