Unable to save video files with any kind of microphone input

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I get the following error anytime I try to record screen video with my external mics (USB or iSight):

This is a complete failure.


  • I am getting the exact same error. I just upgraded to the mac app store version of the application.
  • Hey,

    The issue occurs if USB/iSight/Bluetooth headsets is selected under 'Audio from' which appears in the window just before the recording starts.

    Please note that the issue does not persists if Built-In microphone is selected under 'Audio from'.

    Few users have reported the same issue as shown in the screenshot above.
    Our developers are working on their highest priority to resolve the issue.

    In the meantime, as an alternate, we have come up with a temporary fix for the users who are using USB headsets.
    You can make few change in the settings under 'Audio MIDI Setup' and check whether it helps.

    To do so, please open Audio MIDI Setup->select the active USB device->Change the format into 16000.0Hz from 32 or any other range if options provided and let us know if it helps.

    Please make sure sure to quit and relaunch Voila after the changes in Audio MIDI Setup has been done.
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    I tried this fix and it does not work for me. Recording with the USB input leads to the same disk error. Image attached. This is ridiculous. Yeah, I bought Voila for 67% off in the App Store, but I still expect it to actually function.

    Just wanted to add my two cents.
  • Hey Blauente,

    Please do not be disappointed, as mentioned above, changing the sampling frequency is just an alternate way, where few users were able to overcome the 'Encountered an Error' issue.

    Our developers are working on their highest priority to resolve the issue.
  • Hi,

    Using Logitech wireless headset, i have the same problem.

    I can not change the options for the sample rate, i only have the 44k sampling rate for this device.


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    Hey Manchu,

    Regarding your query, different system/devices will be having different set of sampling rate.

    Note: Voila has issues while recording via Bluetooth devices. This is a known issue.
    We will look into it.
  • 6 months later this is still going on. I've tried all the recommended fixes and nothing has changed. So much for top priority. I'm taking my recording business elsewhere and will inform people to stay away from your software because of this. This is a horrible response to a very big problem and 6 months later not a fix in sight.
  • Hey Boomer00001,

    The recent update of Voila (i.e v3.4) had the fix to the defect - where users were unable to save the screen recordings. Unfortunately the fix did not apply for all the users facing the problem. We have now worked on the issue and a new beta build is available which hopefully consists the fix for the issue. It would be really helpful if you could test this beta build for us. Please contact our Support Team to get a link to download the beta build.
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