Can't get audio to record from my external mic

Hi there:

I'm trying to capture a video with audio through my external mic (VF0700 Live! Cam Chat HD by Creative). I'm on iOS 10.7.5. I've tried messing with Soundflower settings and have uninstalled and reinstalled. I've tried recording by turning off all of the three settings aside from the "Record Computer Audio." I'm able to get the video recorded, but the microphone doesn't appear to be active. I don't know what my settings should be for Output and Input in my sound preferences. When I highlight sound flower (2 ch), my mic doesn't activate.

Not sure what I'm missing.



  • Hey,

    Could you please provide us more info about the external mic? Is it a Bluetooth external mic?
    If yes, then I would like to inform you that Voila has compatibility issues with Bluetooth devices while recording.

    Voila records sound through Sound flower, which is a third party app.

    Could you check whether "Soundflower" is listed in the system sound preferences? If yes, and still the audio is not able to be recorded then, could you please uninstall sound flower using the following uninstall command.

    1) Open "Terminal" in Spotlight,
    2) Copy "sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/Soundflower.kext/ " and paste it in terminal window and hit enter.
    3) Make sure to check the system sound preference whether you still find sound flower (if yes then try again giving the same command)
    4) Next quit and launch Voila. Go to record in Voila and select fullscreen record and select "Record computer audio" (check and uncheck Record computer audio), it will ask for sound flower installation. Install.

    Also go to System Sound Preferences and change the volume bar in Sound flower (2ch)(refer screen shot).

    Also make sure that you enable "Record Computer Audio" to record the computer sound.

    You can do it in the window that appears just before the recording?

    There may be some bug in the Sound flower volume slider, please move the volume slider of Sound flower a numerous time and then check whether you get same issue. Make sure that you test Sound flower through Voila itself.
  • Hi

    I'm still not able to record audio from external mic. I uninstalled Sound flower and then re-installed it via Viola (I think it referred to it as voila device). Still no luck capturing audio via external Mic.

    FYI: I'm using a USB Mic (Samson Go Mic).
  • Hey Karanjassar,

    Regarding your query, we have noticed the issue and it might take sometime for us to push an update. We greatly appreciate your patience.

    Note : You can try selecting internal mic or any other sound input device and check whether it helps (under 'Audio from' via Voila).
  • I am experiencing a similar issue and tried the above solution.

    The only sound I was able to capture from system audio was the beeps when I adjusted the output volume slider in system preferences. Other audio did not capture..

    WHen using SOund Flower with QUicktime screen capture I have been able to capture audio with screen capture video.

    We really need this working.
    Please advise.
  • Hi there,

    Regarding your query, earlier version of Voila i.e v3.3 and before used to use the third party app Sound flower to record computer audio. In the latest update of Voila, we have integrated VoilaDevice, in order to record computer audio.
    Could you please uninstall sound flower using uninstall script provided within the sound flower app (refer screen shot), also restart the system after uninstall of sound flower. Next, launch Voila and start a screen recording, you will be asked to install VoilaDevice within the app itself, if you have check/enable 'Record Computer Audio'.

    To record computer audio while screen recording via Voila, please make sure to check/enable 'Record Computer Audio' from the window that appears just before the recording. Please do not make any changes manually once the recording starts via System Sound Preference.

    Voila records system sound via VoilaDevice.

    Note :

    VoilaDevice : This is a separate audio recording component that needs to be downloaded and installed on your system. It is a new component that we have built to improve Voila’s audio recording capabilities from the system. When you start a new video recording, you will be prompted to download and install this Voila audio component. Once installed, ‘VoilaDevice’ would get listed under the Sound Output devices in System Preferences. This is a one-time action and you can un-install this audio component from the Voila Preferences –> Video Recording tab.
    For more info on the latest update, please refer this blog
  • HI admin, I have tried the above but Voila does not prompt me to install voila device.
    I tried to uninstall and reinstall Voila too.

    any other advise or are you able to remote assist ?

  • one odd thing to continues. I do not get any system audio , but if I go into system preference and move the audio slider... I can hear the beeps when that moves.. but that is the only place I can get audio recorded from the system audio.

    Have you ever noticed that ?
  • Hey,

    Could you please contact our Support Team for further help.
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