Voila does not capture by selection or fullscreen

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I am running voila 2.5(08) on OSX 10.7.4 MBP.
The capture by iSight and Web are the only two options that work. All other capture options, fullscreen/selection/object/menu only capture a black square. Is there a fix for this?


  • Hey Allturnip,

    Regarding your query, could you please let us know from where have you purchased Voila and which version of Voila are you using?
    Voila v2.x had the black screen capture issues with OS X Lion and later.
    Please upgrade your copy of Voila to the latest version and let us know if you still get the same issue.
    To upgrade Voila, please visit the following link:
    Please download Voila v3.x which is the latest version and check whether you still get the same issue.

    You can download Voila from the following link:
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