Boom 2 Mac App Store users / Audio Component Installation Fail

just I purchased Boom 2 in app store for my Mac OS 10.10.5, but the Audio Component is not installed properly. Looks like is an issue with this software, where can I download the right version ?



  • Hi Elia,

    For Mac App Store users, you need to select Volume boost option (first option) from the side panel (please refer screenshot). Here, if you click on the 'Know More' tab don't you get an option to Download an audio component option like the one shown in this screenshot? If yes, please click on it and it will launch a web-browser with an option to download and install the audio component.

    Please install the component and you can see the EQ and volume boosting functionality.
  • I follow your instructions but the app fail when I am trying to install.
  • Hey,

    Please get in touch with our Support Team ( for further troubleshooting steps. Also, send your Skype id to our Support Team so that we can take a call and have a closer look on the issue.
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