I purchased boom now it is gone. Want to use boom with out repurchasing it

I purchased boom a while ago then I erased my hard drive and installed Yosemite. Is there a way I can get boom back with out having to repurchase it?


  • Hey,

    If you have purchased Boom via Mac App Store, then please re-install from App Store itself. Make sure that you use the same account which was used on purchase.

    If you have purchased Boom via our website store, then please download a trial copy of Boom from our website www.globaldelight.com/boom next, register the copy with the registration code provided to you on purchase.

    Note: You can retrieve your product registration code by filling the "Lost License Form"
    Please click on the link below which will direct you to the product lost license form.

    Please contact our Support Team (boom2@globaldelight.com) for further help.
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