High CPU on CoreAudio Process with Boom active...

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I have purchased Boom via Mac App Store. I use the current version 1.5.1 on Mountain Lion. I observe a CPU-usage 5-8 % on the CoreAudio process when Boom is active. The Boom process itself uses additional 2 %. When I disable or shutdown Boom, CoreAudio is between 0-1%. This behavior still persists on 10.8, 10.8.1 and now on 10.8.2.
I use Boom on an MacBook Air 2011 (Core i7 Processor), so battery drains significant when Boom is active.

It would be great, if you find a fix for that high CPU problem, which is important on an portable machine.

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    Now, on 10.8.2 CoreAudio rises up to 15% CPU with Boom enabled.
    When quitting Boom - again - CoreAudio uses only 0-1% CPU.

    Please give an answer, what's the problem, and what's about an update or fix?

    I made a fresh install for testing with Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and Boom, only. Unfortunately, no change to the above. Coreaudio will use up to 15% CPU when Boom is active. When Boom is disabled Coreaudio will only use less than 1% CPU.
  • Ksay - I have the same issue on my new MBP. Hight CPU usage. Please update.
  • @FrankS,

    Regarding your query, when Boom is running, initially coreaudiod processes up-to 4-5% of CPU, gradually it decreases to 1.8 - 2%.

    When in idle state Boom consumes 1.3% of CPU and in active state consumes around 6.2% of CPU, again in different system (ex: MBP, MacBook Air, iMac) CPU consumption varies.

    Could you please let us know the activities performed using Boom? Do you use - Boom volume for your system or the file boost feature?
    Also please do pass us a screenshot of your activity monitor with Boom and coreaudiod CPU results.

    Please do restart your system and check whether you still get the same issue.
    You can always get in touch with our Support Team specialist for more help.

    You can always turn off Boom within the app when not in use, please refer screenshot below.
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    Thank for your reply. I use Boom for boosting system sounds, video etc., only. Because of that, Boom has to run in the background permanently. I know that I can turn off EQ or Boom completely. Unfortunately, that's what I have to do when I have to use the Macbook for a longer time without any reachable power plug.
    A restart does not help and I do always a shutdown/restart, when not using the Macbook (old habit from using windows...)

    I never used Boom for boosting any files. I personally like the feature of amplifying the weak sound of my MBA to a hearable level and with some pleasant EQ sound correction on it.

    I have made an additional test with another product: Joesoft Hear does not consume any noticeable CPU, it stays the whole time noticeably under 1%, coreaudio itself is mostly at 0%.

    Possibly there are some issues with the complex sandboxing of Mountain Lion, which Apple requires for App Store applications, which currently Hear handles a bit better.

    I have attached the requested screenshot. I blanked the username of the Boom process, because this was requested by the current MBA user. ;)

    Thanks for your support,
  • @admin:
    No answer yet. When do you guess could a fix be available?
  • Hey Frank,

    Thank you for the detailed info.
    We have noted down the issue and our developers will be looking into it soon.
    Thanks for reporting.
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    Today, the App Store informed me of an update of Boom. I installed the new 1.6 version. CoreAudio CPU usage is slightly increased to the values above. :(
    Everything else behaves like before. The only chance to preserve some battery is to disable Boom or use Hear from Joesoft, which doesn't sound so well as Boom does.
    I really hope, you find the reason soon for the increased CPU usage of CoreAudio in combination with Boom.

    One question: Are there any updates of the system parts (BoomDevice Package) included in the App Store Version (if there are any)? Will we get notified then?

    Edit: Today I uninstalled Boom completely and reinstalled all components including the BoomDevice with the current version, too. Unfortunately, no change in CPU usage.
  • Hey FrankS,

    Boom v1.6 did not contain fixes regarding CPU usage issues.
    We have noted down the issue and will surely look into this.

    There is no separate updates for the audio component i.e BoomDevice package.
    Thank you for your co-operation.
  • This part is started some months ago. A quarter of a year is gone. No updates. No fix to current issues. Nothing.
    What's up? No developers to fix the issues? No ideas what causes the issues?
    When do we get a fixed stable version?
  • Hi Franks,

    Thanks for checking in. When we checked with our Developers, they told us that they have done the maximum optimization of the usage of CPU/Core Audio. The current version is stable and works well. We will update it here when we have released a new version. The Mac App Store version would show a badge and the website users would get an update prompt when we post a new update.
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    Today I got v1.7 from the AppStore.
    Now, the CoreAudio catches not only up to 8% CPU. Now it wants 9-12%.
    Whats the problem with the development.
    But never mind. This was my last try. Today I have switched to Prosoft's Hear (formerly Joesoft). It does the same and more. Additionally Hear eats absolutely approx. zero CPU.
  • Hello,
    same problem, coreaudio process up to 9% of CPU resources. On MacBook Pro Core i7 2.4 GHz - 8 GB RAM - Mountain Lion 10.8.2 - Boom latest version on App Store.
    I solved the problem by uninstalling Boom.
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