How do you use some of the features?

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Hi All

We would like your participation in letting us know, how exactly you use some of the features in your daily work or how you want this to be in Voila? This would help us coining the best workflow..

Many of you have requested for 'blur' option to be included. We would like to know, how do you use 'blur' tool in your work?

Thanks in advance for sharing your suggestions and details.

Team Voila


  • Cannot figure out how the menu capture feature is supposed to work...I must be misunderstanding the directions.

    Does "select" the menu in question mean click on the menu name to make the menu appear?

    When I do that and hit cmd+shift+spacebar, the menu just disappears and there's no capture.
  • Hi mingotanaka

    The Voila capture component has to be installed to use the menu capture.

    When you launch Voila, you will receive a prompt to install the Voila capture component. Once it is installed, you will be able to use menu capture.

    Please perform the steps provided below to capture a menu:
    1. Launch Voila.
    2. Click on the Menu icon in the toolbar.
    3. Now select any menu by clicking on the Menu bar.
    4. Once you select the menu, press Cmd + Shift + Space to select it.
    5. Press the Enter key to capture the menu.

    Using menu capture, you will not be able to capture the Voila menu. Menus of all other applications can be captured.

    Team Voila
  • With regard to the original question about using blur tool:

    There have been several times during a group presentation that I wanted to show an example of a data collection, but not divulge "private" information, like actual phone numbers.
    Using blur would be a perfect solution.
  • Hello RayB

    Thanks for your comments. Voila already has 4 types of Blur options and we hope one of them will perfectly fit your needs to hide sensitive informations in your presentation.

    Team Voila
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