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Hi there, first let me say i love your app, i have been using it for close to 3 years, and i just upgraded to boom 2. could not imagine a Mac without it.

I totally love the idea of the Remote, but i don't use an ios phone, i use android, kind of ironic, all my computers, 3 imacs and a mac book pro are Mac, but when it comes to mobile i find android to be my phone OS of choice. but today i an saddened as i can not use your amazing software on my android...

is there any chance you are looking into porting your remote app to android?



  • Hey,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Your positive feedback is what drives us create many more great products for our users.
    Myself and my team are thrilled to know that we could make a difference to you with our product. We have forwarded this request to our development team. We assure to deliver you many more amazing products in future.

    Thank you once again!
  • I'd like to express my interest in this functionality as well. I love Boom 2; would love to be able to use Boom Remote with my Android phone.
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