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Hi Voila-Dev-Team,

yesterday I tried Voila the first time and I like it very much already. :)

As beginner I stumbled over the following things which might be interesting for you:

1. The first time the window opens one doesn't know how to immediately take a screenshot. So a short hint, that with Voila open the standard-shortcuts of mac for taking screenshots would be fine. Within this hint you could then also reference to all the additional capture-methods you offer (Screencast etc).

2. While taking shots and directly working with them you always have to switch back to the tools-tab when a new capture got shot. I think it would be better to always have the tools available together with the organizer-tab beyond the tools-tab or whereever.

3. When using a tool it's always switched back to the select-tool. I think it would be better if the current tool would be kept active + one would have the possiblity to switch to the select-tool by pressing the cmd-key - as it is in photoshop.

4. I had to search for the cropping-tool as you say this is an "effect". I don't think it makes sense there and would move it to the tools.

5. When copying one caputure into another it is scaled down. I think it would be better if the copied capture would keep its original size.

That's it for now, maybe my issues can help improving Voila further more. ;)



  • I would like to second at most point 2. und 3.
    These are of the few things I do not like with Voila.

  • I also back up especially points 2 and 3. And I also have another request: it would be great, if when capturing a selection of the screen several times in a row, it would take the last position and size of the selection.
  • Hey Tantebootsy, drmcp, flugere,

    Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions.

    Regarding point 3, you can disable "Select annotation after drawing" in Voila preference (refer screen shot). Tool will not change until you change it.

    Yes, we do believe that Voila needs a lot of change to be appropriate for the new era of Mac apps. We are planning to revamp Voila soon.

    If you have any suggestion or feature request for Voila then please do let us know.

    Also if you agree we would like to add you to the beta testers list, we see that you are interested in Voila a lot. We will appreciate your help.
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