How to remove traces of Boom?

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I have uninstalled Boom (not sure if it was Boom or Boom 2) and I'm still seeing traces of it in my system. I don't see a Boom process running in Activity Monitor. Sometimes when I plug my headphone in, I won't get any audio, so I go to System preferences/Audio and find that my audio device is set to BoomDevice, so I switch it to Headphones and it works again. How do I remove it if I've already uninstalled Boom?


  • Hi VoltronFarce,

    It looks like you have deleted Boom 1x without uninstalling within the app.
    To uninstall completely, download a trial copy of Boom 1x via
    Next, uninstall Boom 1x within the app via Settings>Preferences>Uninstall and check if it helps.
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