Unable to register my Boom2 purchase!

I am unable to register. I am getting repeated messages during my attempts saying that my "details are incorrect", "invalid registration" etc. - that is not so. I’m using the code I received from Global Delight by email, and using the correct email that I registered with. Intermittently, I’m also getting the error - “Your request timed out”. I am permanently on a VPN to access the internet but my VPN provider does not restrict any ports except P2P.image


  • Hi, have the same problem registering. The details are correct and continue getting an invalid error. I have no VPN
  • After almost 30-35 attempts, the registration process suddenly completed by itself. I didn't change anything, just kept trying repeatedly. It's some glitch in the process at their end methinks....some time-frame required after the code reaches you by mail for the process to be completed at their side. Just a guess though...anyway - problem now solved!
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    @Comatosebuddha We are facing some minor issue with our servers. Hence, our users are facing issues when registering the app. Our team is working on a fix for this issue and the issue will be fixed soon.

    @Luiss Please try registering the app after 24hrs and check if it helps.
  • Same issue here, I have successfully registered it in one of my Macs but when I went to the other with the exact same data it didn't work. I've tried in different days many times each day. Any solution?
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