Where do I find my Registration Code?

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I used the Registration Code on one computer and now I'd like to register a second computer but I can't find the Registration Code anywhere. I never received an email with the code. Thanks.


  • Hey Jessholbrook,

    You can retrieve your product registration code by filling the "Lost License Form"
    Please click on the link below which will direct you to the product lost license form.

    If you have purchased Boom via Mac App Store, then Mac App Store version of Boom does not need any registration code. While re-installing from Mac App Store, make sure that you use the same account which was used on purchase time.
  • Thanks Karthik.
  • Hi Jessholbrook,


    If you need further assistance, get in touch with our Support Team (boom2@globaldelight.com).
  • The link you provided does not work. How can I retrieve my Registation Code? I have purchased Boom 2 multiple times and never recieved any email from Global Delight and haven't recieved the Registration Code I need to register the app and actually use it. It just says the trial has expired.
  • Hey LouisLegge,

    Due to some of the maintenance activity during the weekend, the particular site was down and hence it was not possible for you to retrieve your registration code through Lost License form.
    Hence, please try again and check if it helps. Also, you can contact our Support Team (boom2@globaldelight.com) to retrieve your registration code.
  • I've tried the lost license link, and it's not working. Is there a new one that works?
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